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What is biokinetics?

Biokinetics is the profession concerned with health promotion, the maintenance of physical abilities and final phase rehabilitation, by means of scientifically-based physical activity program prescription.

What we do!

Our Biokineticists specialise in preventative medicine, physical activity as medicine, total well being, orthopaedics, health management, maintenance and enhancement of physical abilities and performance, and functional movement.

How does Biokinetics differ from physio?

The main difference is that biokinetics is a 2nd phase rehab, while a physio is a phase 1. This means that straight after injury/operation you should first visit the Physio, as they work to decrease the pain and swelling and restore full, pain free range of motion. After you have regained motion, you move on to the 2nd phase rehab with a biokineticist where we help strengthen and stretch the involved muscles before you return to your sport/everyday activities.

When do you need us?

Orthopaedic rehabilitation (back, neck, knee, shoulder, ankle and all other joints injuries).
Cardiac rehabilitation
Lifestyle diseases (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.)
Weight management
Body shape transformation
Sports performance
Any other human movement goals.

We use the latest technology

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Our Team


Jaco von Abo

“Look after your body when you are young, and your body will look after you when you are old” - Jaco von Abo.
This is a slogan we see in practice everyday. Let us help you go through life without pains and niggles and become a healthier you.


Francois Marais

“The journey to health CAN be effective and fun at the same time. It does not have to be one or the other” - Francois Marais.
Here at Jaco von Abo Biokinetics we make sure that all rehab and health programs are personalized and enjoyable for each individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

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For private clients the first consultation cost is 750 and R565 for follow up sessions. For medical aid clients we charge medical aid rates and claim directly from the medical aid.
We support ALL medical aids.
We do accept cash and card transactions right after your consultation.


Biokineticists are first-lined practitioners, and can be consulted without being referred to by a doctor. If you're uncertian whether you should consult a biokineticist Get in Touch and we would advise you to the appropriate field in medicine.
Depending on the appointment:
• First consultation is 60 minutes.
• Follow up session is 45 minutes.
• Discovery Vitality Test is 30 minutes.
• Momentum Multiply Test is 30 minutes.
• Cholesterol and Glucose Testing is 15 min
Monday - Friday 07:00 - 18:00. We're also open on public holidays! For more information go to our Contact Page


When you visit us for the first time please ensure to have all the necessary documentation ready:
• ID number of the Main Member and patient
• Medical Aid Card with Medical Aid Plan (e.g Discovery Essential Saver)
Yes, if you have any scans regarding the problem area, please feel free to bring them along.
No documentation needed. Payment can be made after consultation